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Follower Grabber Review and Bonuses – Extreme Twitter™ Marketing: Extreme Results

By Kate / August 3, 2015

Follower Grabber is one of those rare marketing tools that will make a huge difference in your online marketing results.  This app is powerful.  Watch my Follower Grabber review now:

Check Out Follower Grabber Now

The biggest problem with most online  trainings is that they never cover how to really make money.  There is tons of content out there that talks about how to get followers or how share information, but it’s rare that a product comes along that solves the number one problem we have with social media – how to make money. Follower Grabber solves that by giving you the tools and the exact information that you need to be successful on Twitter.

What does Follower Grabber Do?

Follower Grabber is an app that connects to your Twitter account and helps connect you to the right followers on Twitter.  It helps you find laser targeted followers who are predisposed to buying what you’re selling.  It’s more than engagement, more than followers.  It’s a multi-faceted tool that will help you dominate Twitter.

What is Follower Mastery?

Follower Mastery is a series of 20 training videos that walk you through, step by step, how to harness the power of Twitter and turn it into aTa money making machine. We’re in business to make money, so understanding the why behind the how is a seriously important aspect of our business.  Follower Grabber combined with Follower Mastery are absolute gems.

Why Use Twitter?

The short answer – because it’s users are passionate and it’s where your audience is.  Take a look at this infographic from Trend Hunter. The numbers speak for themselves.

why use Twitter Infographic

What’s included in Follower Grabber:

Option 1:  Just the Software:  get this is you already know how to use Twitter and understand the Twitter Ad platform.

Option 2:  Follower Grabber Software and Follower Mastery training:  this duo is a powerhouse of money making content.  You get both the Twitter Software and the Training on how to effectively use Twitter to grow your business and makes sales.

Yes – I Want Follower Grabber

What are the Upsells:

Follower Manager:  This is a sister app that helps you manage your Twitter followers.  I’m not crazy about this upgrade.  There’s another free tool that I use that has some additional features.  Hold off on this upgrade.

Follower Pages:  You can pick up some dynamite lead capture and landing pages that you can use to help grow your list.  I  didn’t pick this up, but if you have trouble putting together landing pages, pick this up because it will help you hit the ground running.

Developers License:  If you want to have resale rights to the software you’ll want to grab this.  I didn’t as it doesn’t fit my business model.  I may be leaving money on the table, but I’m not big on buying stuff that I won’t  use.

Who should pick up Follower Grabber?

  • internet marketers
  • local marketers
  • Do it yourself marketers.
  • Business owners who want to sell products and services.
  • Anyone who will take action

Beginner Friendly.  I give Follower Grabber a 10 out of 5, I’m that impressed.  This one is MUST Have tool.

Yes, I Want Follower Grabber Now

My Follower Grabber Bonuses:

1  You’ll get access to my exclusive Follower Grabber Case Studies where I peel back the layers and show you my EXACT results using the Follower Grabber tools and training.  I’ll answer your questions in a live webinar and give you access to the recordings.  This case study will become part of my high dollar taining course so you won’t want to miss it.

2.  Join me in the Action to Income Master Mind Group where we will all take action together.

Yes, I Want Follower Grabber

Follower Grabber not for you?  That’s ok.   Get a Free Copy of Follower Scheduler as my free gift just for checking out this blog post.



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The Great Gordino - August 4, 2015

Interesting Kate!
I must admit the whole twitter thing seems to pass me by.
I am on there, and I do post links to my content, but I just can’t seem to get past the fact that anything done there can be done just as well on facebook, if not better.
I do accept that it has gone past tipping point, that many people love the fact that’s it’s only 140 characters, and is quick and easy to use via phones.
Maybe one day I’ll dive in fully! 😉
That’s a nice full review you have there btw!
Cheers, Gordon

Barbara O'Toole - August 4, 2015

Hi, Katie!

I thought you did a great job on the review in the video explaining what the software does and walking through the sales letter.

I have not been a big Twitter user so much of what you were describing was low-impact for me personally.

Kate - August 5, 2015

Hey Gordon, I fought Twitter for years. Once I finally jumped in and understood it I never looked back. Thanks for stopping by.

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