Geared For Profits Review

By Kate / May 8, 2016

Geared for Profits is  a complete, newbie friendly training that will show you the exact steps for making $100+ per day and it delivers on it’s promise. I picked it up the the other day and like the concept so much that I’ll be leveraging it as the primary way to monetize a few of my niche websites. The simple to follow training will show you how $5.00 on advertising can make you $100 over and over.

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So what is Geared For Profits?

In a nutshell, Geared for Profits will show you how to create and sell custom made merchandise with zero up-front cost on your part and no fulfillment problems. It consists of nine short and easy to follow videos that will show you:

Video 1: How to set up your Product Account.

Video 2: How to create your first Product.

Video 3: How to create your a simple and FREE  store.

Video 4 : How to find product ideas.

Video 5:  More on how to find product ideas.

Video 6: How to get paid (we all like getting paid)

Video 7:  How to set up a $5.00 advertising campaign

Video 8:  Simple ways to target the EXACT customer who will buy your product

Video 9:  Free methods to promote your products.

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The Geared for Profits training is perfect for:

  1. Anyone just getting started in internet marketing and looking to understand how promote and make money.
  2. People who have been struggling to get results or find that your online income is inconsistent.
  3. Anyone who wants to add an additional income stream to an existing business.

This training is not the most dynamic training but it’s perfect for getting the juices flowing and helping you get started.

What I like about the training:

  1.  It’s short and to the point.
  2. It’s complete step by step and takes your through setting up your account, getting paid and promoting
  3. It’s easy for a newbie to get started but smart enough for more advanced marketers to use as an additional revenue source. This method hasn’t been run through the ground yet and there is a ton of money to be made here.

What I don’t like:

  1. The videos are easy to follow but the voice-over lacks enthusiasm and sometimes I thought – get on with with. The positive of this is that this is truly a look over your shoulder training, but it felt like she was talking to herself.  This is a super minor issue, but don’t expect this highly produced rah, rah kind of training. You get the real stuff here from someone who is using this method to generate income right now. Some will appreciate that some won’t.

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In closing, Geared For Profits is a well rounded training that will give you another arrow in your internet marketing quiver. It’s ideal for someone who is just getting started and wanting to learn the basics of selling products and making sales. It will benefit people who are struggling and advanced marketers alike. Like anything in life, you will get out of it what you put into it. For  me that falls into my MUST BUY Bucket.

My Bonuses:

Bonus 1:  Geared For Profits Case Study that will dive deep into how I’m using it and will answer any questions that you have.  We’ll talk about what’s working and what’s not working share actionable ideas that will help you make more moola.

Bonus 2:  Action 2 Income MasterMind. This special mastermind group is here to answer your questions and support members on growing their IM business.

Bonus 3:  Passive Recurring Income with Shopify. This awesome ebook will help you understand shopify and how to leverage for hands off, passive income

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