How to Create an Asset that You Can Sell Online

By Kate / August 30, 2015

How to Create An Asset That You Can Sell Online

A Product Review of Alex Jeffreys Super Product Formula!

The Super Product Formula

There are successful affiliate marketers out there that make jaw dropping incomes.

Then there are “wannabe” affiliates who struggle to earn a single commission.

People who make a great living online do ONE thing differently. What is that one thing you ask?

They create their own products that are branded with their name. It’s an asset that they get to sell over and over again and it helps them establish credibility, trust and authority in their market.

There are more courses and coaching programs about product creation than almost any other make money method online.

Why?  Because it works. The digital information market is a multi billion dollar per year industry, and growing.

But there's a big problem with most of the courses and it's that most of these courses and programs take WAY too long to see results. It can be weeks or even months before even a penny is made.  Truth is, it can take hundreds of hours of hard work.  No wonder people give up.

So how do you create an online product or asset that doesn't take months to create?  Good question and the answer is simpler than you might think.

Fast Way to Create an Info Product?

There are many ways to create info products, but the two fastest methods are:

1.  Interview Experts:  Record the interviews (audio or video) and then transcribe them. into an ebook.  You 

can actually turn this into both an audio interview and a written pdf - giving you two products from one interview.  This is especially smart right now given the popularity of podcasts.  Don't be afraid of asking people for interviews.  You would be surprised at how many experts would love to be interviewed.  Remember it helps them too.  Authors are fantastic people to interview because they want to sell more books. Don't forget that publicity equals sales.  If you've never done this before it helps to have a road map that includes scripts, checklists and even sales pages.  Check out Super Product Formula.  It's a fantastic resource that gives you everything you need to create your first product.

2.  Purchase Private Label Right (PLR) Products and rewrite them:  PLR products are products that you can buy, learn from and then rebrand and sell as your own. This is a great way to get started creating your first product.  The downside is that other people have also purchased the PLR so your subscribers may have been exposed to the information.  Because of this, it's especially important to edit and rewrite products that you have purchased from PLR.  Check out or for ideas

How To Choose the Right Path for you...

It's important to understand that there is no one size fits all when it comes to building your business.  As I mentioned earlier the sooner you create your own signature product, the faster you'll start making money.  I chose to create my first product by editing a PLR report and it was a whole lot harder than I expected.  The process of editing the PLR product so that it became my voice was really hard.   If you have background in the subject, (and I did) than certainly use PLR to help you create your signature product, just make sure to  make it original.

Interviewing experts can be a great way to get started but sometimes it's easier said than done.  If your​ timid or shy it can be difficult to get started.  We're gonna solve that problem in my Action To Income Mastermind.  Other thoughts are to start by finding, collegiate or business associate to interview.  This becomes a win win for both of you.  As mentioned, take a look at Super Product Formula for a complete set of templates to help you get started.

How Super Product Formula Can Help...

Interviewing an expert is one of the best ways to build brand and credibility.  People want to hear what experts have to say.  More importantly, when you interview an expert you get perceived as an expert (even if you're not) and people are more likely to follow and purchase from you.  It really is that simple.

Alex Jeffreys Super Product Formula gives you all the tools that you need to conduct expert interviews.  It's a pretty brilliant training product in and of itself.

The training is fast, easy to consume and includes a video training that goes over the exact process that Alex used when he implemented this strategy.

More importantly, the training includes downloadable templates to help you conduct the interview.  You get templates for the interview script, sales page and even templates and swipe files for connecting with affiliate partners.

What's Inside Super Product Formula?

Inside the Super Product Formula you'll receive;

  • Main product video that walks you through how to pick the right niche, do market research, ideas for topics and details on how to manage the interview.
  • An mp3 file of the main product video
  • 60 minute sales letter template to get you set up fast
  • The Super Product checklist to make sure that you miss nothing!
  • Plus the interview getting swipe files, interview getting script and a fantastic training on how to create an impactful interview.


The Super Product Formula is one of those rare products that truly give you all the resources you need to get up and running fast.  All that's left is taking action..  It's very complete and actionable.  I'm impressed!

Review Summary

Product Name:

Super Product Formula

Product Type:

Video Training and Downloads




Super Product Formula is a very easy to follow training that will help you create your first ORIGINAL product in just a few days.  It's a complete program with templates, pdf downloads, videos and a TON of free bonuses.  There is only one piece missing piece but I have that solved in the bonus that I'm giving you.



The Good Stuff:
  • Easy to Understand
  • Step by Step Check-lists to follow
  • Exact scripts, sales templates and emails to help you succeed.
  • Fast and very actionable!
The Bad Stuff:
  • Not much, the only thing missing is people to interview.
  • We solve that in the bonus that we offer where we'll help people connect and get started.

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