How to Make Money with the Amazon Affiliate Program

3 Tips for Making Money With Amazon in 2016

The holidays are here and if you’re like many people you’d love to find a legitimate home-based business that will actually make money.  You may have even considered Amazon and asked yourself: can you make money on Amazon?  The answer is a resounding yes. The challenge is that there is a lot of noise about how to use Amazon to make money.  The purpose of this blog post is to cut through the noise and outline an actionable plan that you can follow.

How do you make money with Amazon?

There are two primary ways to make money with Amazon.  One involves using Amazon as a portal to sell your own physical products.  The other is to join the Amazon affiliate program.  As an Amazon Affiliate you don’t sell your own products; instead you get paid for selling other people’s products.  This article is focused on being a successful Amazon Affiliate, but it’s important to understand the difference between the two distinct Amazon opportunities.

1.  Fulfilled by Amazon:  Also known as FBA, Fulfilled by Amazon allows small businesses to uses Amazon as a fulfillment center.  You send your physical products to Amazon; Amazon stores them in their fulfillment centers and then packs ships and mails them to the customer when an order is placed.  Amazon handles customer service, shipping and returns and you get your money deposited directly into your bank account the very next day.  If you have a physical product or own a  local business that sells products, FBA is a fantastic way to bring your business online.

Pros:  Amazon handles everything and you get to take advantage of Amazons massive marketing machine to help get your products discovered.  Con:  You must have products or money to invest in products.  There is no guarantee that the products will sell and you need to have marketing plan to help promote your products.

2.  Amazon Associates Program:  As an Amazon Associate,  Amazon pays you a small commission for referring buyers to the Amazon website.  In a nutshell, an Amazon Affiliate gets paid to promote products that they like. When someone purchases that product from your Amazon affiliate link, you earn a commission.

Pros:  It’s completely free so you can build a business with a very small budget.  Amazon is a trusted source so you don’t need to worry about customer service or stock products.  Excellent way to learn internet marketing.  Once set up you create passive income.  Cons:  Commissions are small so volume and consistency are important.

3 Ways to Make Money on Amazon without having your own product:

1.  Create an Amazon Store and fill it with links to Amazon products.  Amazon lets you set up stores in their affiliate program and there are a number of WordPress plugins and themes that let you set up Amazon stores and fill them with products.  Once you have your store filled with products pick your favorite traffic source and start promoting the store.  This can include things like Google Adwords, Facebook ads, sharing on social media sites or solo ads. In future posts we’ll go through the best tools to help you set up an Amazon Store.

2. Post banner ads on your website that link back to Amazon Products.

3. Create a review website around a certain product or type of product and monetize it with links back to Amazon Products.  You can create a general website that reviews random products.  The most successful review websites instead focus on a single type of product.  Done right these simple product review websites can generate $100 – $300 a month on autopilot.    To get started considering Azon Christmas Cash – a step by step Amazon Training.  Here’s an example of a single product site that’s been generating income for nearly 2 years:

furby boom affiliate site

How to Get Started:

A.  Sign up for the Amazon Affiliate Program.

B.  Determine the type of website you will be building.  Will you be setting up an ecommerce type store or will you be building a review website that focuses on a single product or product line?

C.  Choose a niche and then find a product or products to promote. For help with this download my exclusive Amazon Toolkit & Resource Guide. I keep this current with the best training and resources to help you know what’s working now.

D. Buy your domain name and hosting.   If you’re just getting started consider Hostgator.

E.  Install WordPress and add products and or reviews.  Consider picking up some of the resources on my Amazon Toolkit & Resource List.

F.  Choose a traffic source and begin promoting the website.

With the right resources you can be set up and running with an Amazon store or review website in just a few hours (depending on your focus).  Start today and you can start  making commissions this month.  Need help getting started? The Azon 30 Day Challenge is an excellent and affordable training program that will walk you through the steps to becoming a successful Amazon Affiliate.

There are some excellent courses and  tools on the market that can help you have your site up and running in 24 hours or less.  I’ve created a report that outlines the best Amazon tools, themes and training.  This checklist will help you cut through the clutter and so that you can start making money with Amazon right away.  Request the Amazon Tool Recommendations Here:

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