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By Kate / April 5, 2017

Create the Ultimate passive income Business with shareify

Smart, simple and fun way to make extra income.

BY KATE , APRIL 4, 2017 10:01 AM

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Simple easy to follow. Great for beginners or extra "side" income. Perfect for moms, college students. Unlikely to be a job replacing income for most.


Anyone who knows me is aware that I'm a big proponent of creating digital products for passive income. We live in a time of unprecedented opportunity where anyone can create passive income with just a little creativity and consistency.  I believe that every person has a message to share and something to teach.

The challenge is that not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. Most people I know simply want to make a nice side income to help make a car payment or pay for some of life's extras.  As a result they chase the fall for crazy promises and chase the wrong opportunities or don't know how to effectively market the business if they find something that they truly believe in.  Enter Shareify.

What is Shareify?

Shareify is a training that teaches a way to make money online that I know works.  Why do I know it works? Because I've taught people how to do it myself and I've seen it works.

So what exactly does it teach? It teaches how to create simple training videos about something you're passionate about on sites like SkillShare and Udemy that you can sell to people.

Why Skillshare?

Skillshare has already done all the hard work for you. The website is built, the traffic is already there and it's users are looking for the information you have.

It's the built in audience and short to the point video delivery requirements that make Skillshare such an excellent starting point for your digital courses. Videos

are only required to be 5 minutes long and no longer than 10 minutes. You pick a topic and teach one simple technique for your viewers.


Shareify is a video course made up of 8 main videos and one introduction video for a total of 9 videos. The videos are done in the normal screen cast style with the present speaking as he shows you his screen. They are clear and easy to follow and you'll be glad to know they are not long winded or boring. Most of the videos are between 4-11 minutes long. They get right to the point, show you what you need to see, teach you what you need to know, and then move on to the next step. I don’t think anyone will have a hard time following along with them or understanding them. Also they teach most everything you must know. From how to get ideas for courses to make, to creating your course, to marketing it yourself (in order to get extra customers).

If your already making money online this is probably something you can skip. That said, Skillshare is an excellent distribution channel if you're looking to expand.  If your just getting started, if your looking for side income or income that you can invest in other ventures than this is something well worth considering. I know for sure that there is money to be made with this system for anyone willing to take action on it.

The Shareify system is really just common sense when you think about it. It shows you how to work once and get paid over and over.

  • The entire system hinges on sharing simple little things that I enjoy doing with others…
  • You don’t have to be an expert at online marketing or anything complicated…
  • And it doesn’t take a lot of time


Shareify is one of those products that I highly recommend for people who are just getting started or struggling. You have to start somewhere. If I can get you to create simple training's on something you're passionate about or know well the rest will come easy. Best for beginners, but if you are more advanced it could give you a few tips to help find more distributions channels for your work.

Anyone who buys from my link will receive lifetime access to my "5 Day Course Creation Challenge" training where I'll teach you how to scale course creation and​ build a long term sustainable income. $27 Value.


The Good Stuff:
  • True opportunity
  • Easy to follow
  • Good for Beginners
The Bad Stuff:
  • Headline is a bit hypey
  • not full time income
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